Objectives and parameters of the data collecting

  • Name, email address, phone number, address, and date of birth are the major pieces of information collected on the website. Customers are obliged to give this information before viewing the website’s content and when making purchases in order to comply with the law regarding the sale of alcohol over the internet and to protect consumers’ rights.
  • Customers are completely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of all service users who are identified by their registered user name, password, and email address. The client must also immediately notify us of any unauthorized use, abuse, security lapses, or retention of third-party registration names and passwords in order for us to take the necessary action.

Use of information in its broadest sense

We make use of the data that consumers supply to:

  • Offering consumers items and services.
  • Send alerts about customer and website information-sharing activities.
  • Refrain from engaging in customer impersonation or behaviors that may damage the customer’s user account.
  • Contacting and resolving clients in unique situations.
  • Keep customer personal information private and only use it for website operation-related interaction and confirmation.
  • In the event of legal obligations, we are accountable for cooperating in disclosing customer personal information when asked by judicial authorities, such as Procuracies, courts, and police agencies investigating any customer legal infractions. Other than that, nobody has the authority to violate a customer’s personal information.

Information retention duration

Up to a request for cancellation, customer personal data will be kept. Additionally, the website’s server will in all cases maintain the confidentiality of the customers’ personal information. Information that is suspected of being fraudulent, breaking rules, or inactive for more than six months will be erased.

Individuals or organizations permitted access to the data

We will only use the data you provide in accordance with this Policy, as described in the consultation and purchasing processes. Customer service was also provided, as well as authority when necessary.

Additionally, without the customer’s permission, such information won’t be shared with any other third parties.

Users can view and change their personal data using media and tools.

Customers may edit their personal information by logging into their accounts or by sending a request to us for help in reviewing, updating, modifying, or deleting their personal information.

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