How it
all started

At the heart of Mùa, our story started in 2017 when Mùa Tra Que Restaurant in Hoi An was built out of a desire to help grow awareness of the diversity of Vietnamese traditional products and cuisines. For many living in Vietnam, the perception is that domestically grown products are inferior to imported items from foreign countries.

While this is sometimes true, the truth is that Vietnam produces many foods and goods that are equal if not better than ones found outside the country.

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Forging Japanese
craftsmanship and
Vietnamese Ingredients

Mùa Craft Sake is a partnership between award-winning sake brewery Heiwa Shuzo from Japan, winner of the IWC Champion Sake and Brewery of the Year in 2020, East West Brewing Co., Vietnam’s leading craft brewery, and Mùa Tra Que restaurant.

Where a chef’s unwavering vision for seasonal and sustainable local ingredients have become a major part of our partnership philosophy and ultimately, our sake brand.

While Promoting
Eco-Sustainable and
Community Driven

At Mùa, we are aware of the potential impact of our choices as a brand and business. We take sustainability seriously and work towards reducing our carbon footprint.

From waste management to product sourcing and onsite practices, we are committed to being a voice and supporter of practices that make the world a better place for the global community.

About Heiwa

Heiwa Shuzo was founded by Tamotsu Yamamoto in 1928 and is located just outside Kainan City in Wakayama. The site where the brewery is located today was previously the temple “Muryozan Choganji” for over 500 years before the brewery was established. After World War II (1939-1945), it wasn’t until 1957 when sake production commenced full-time.

Looking back the great difficulties they faced during the war, the brewery was then named as Heiwa Shuzo, which means Peace Brewery, with the realization that they could not make sake without peace in the country.

Heiwa Shuzo has been the recipient of a number of awards. Notably in 2020, KID Muryozan Junmai Ginjo became International Wine Challenge (IWC) Champion Sake out of 1401 entries. Heiwa Shuzo was also awarded the Sake Brewer of the Year 2019 and 2020 in the same competition.

Brew Team

The Koji Nerds – A diverse blend of east west brewers both traditional and modern coming together to produce Vietnam’s First Craft Sake.

Shibata Hidemichi

The Toji.
A true master of his craft. With multiple awards under his belt, he brings his knowledge and experience to a new generation of brewers.

Troy Kelly
(Lead Brewer)

The Rare Breed.
One of the few sake brewer’s from the US. Graduating in brewing, distillation and fermentation, Troy lives and breathes koji

Hoang Hai Lam
(Brewery Supervisor)

The Technical Nerd.
Background in engineering and after years of being in the craft beer space, Lam’s passion for quality assurance and his shift to craft sake has become a major asset to our team.

Tran Van Thuan aka Bo

The Old Soul.
With experience in production for more than 10 years, Bo’s care and attention to detail ensures the brewery is operating at the highest level.

Vu Minh Hieu

The Rookie.
A recent graduate in food tech, Hieu’s mantra about maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit, brings tranquility to the brewery.

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