You confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions by accessing and using this website. The terms and conditions of this agreement may be modified, changed, edited, added to, or removed at any time by MÙA (“Changes”). Any such changes won’t require previous notification and will take effect right away after being made public. Additionally, by using the website after such Changes have been made public, you confirm that you agree to them.

The Customer must verify they are at least 18 years old before using our website. Customers certify that you are fully capable of entering into, exercising, and carrying out civil transactions in line with the rules and laws in force.


Orders may be declined by MÙA, particularly in cases of unpaid bills or insolvency. 

Strictly required information includes exact full name, address, and phone number. 

Customers must be warned not to submit the same orders simultaneously via hotline and website. 

Depending on the volume of traffic, deliveries for orders placed over the weekend can take a little longer. 

If customers need the products immediately, they should call MÙA’s hotline to place a direct order or go to the closest location.

Payment Policy

– Step 1: Choose the item you like to purchase => Click “Add to cart”

– Step 2: After selecting your things, carefully review the pricing and quantity before clicking “Process to check out.”

– Step 3: Complete the order form’s required information.

– Step 4: Select the “Shipping method.” Afterward, we provide you with the following payment options:

  1. Pay using a credit card when the package is delivered to the shipper.
  2. Transfer via bank or ATM prior to the shipment of your order.

Shipping policy 

Depending on location, other delivery costs will vary. When you continue with your order on the website, the precise fee will be displayed.

Canceling policy

To be supported for cancellation orders, please contact us via Hotline: +(84) 869 010 739.

Return and refund

Reasons for accepting returns

  • Returns are only accepted if the consumer receives the wrong item in response to their order or if MÙA’s side of the product is faulty.
  • errors compared to the orders in terms of quantity, information, and model.
  • Forms of errors include deformation, scratches, stains, and cracks.
  • Manufacture-related error

Conditions for accepting exchange and return

  • Customers must supply images of the products they are returning for MÙA to check, verify, and review the return. These requirements must be met before MÙA will accept a return or exchange.
  • Products from MÙA that are harmed or flawed.
  • Must be done within 24 hours of the original transaction.
  • It is necessary to show merchandise and receipts. The guarantee seal or stamp is still on products that have not been used.

Return processing procedure

  • Products must be returned to the original retailer where they were purchased by the customer.
  • To check the products’ status, customers must bring them into the store.
  • After receiving the return request and checking the status of the product, exchange operations are processed in 2 to 5 working days.
  • The value of the swapped item is equal to or greater than the value of the original item.
  • Please place a new order on the website with the item to be exchanged and proceed with payment if the product is approved for exchange or return.


  • The amount of time it takes to complete a refund (if any) depends on how quickly the payment bank and payment gateway unit process payments. Depending on the domestic or foreign payment card, and counting from the date of receiving the customer’s request, it typically takes 5-7 working days, or up to 45 working days.
  • Rates and fees may be associated with cashback to international bank cards at the time of return and in accordance with bank policies.

Privacy and data storage: The system used by MÙA and secures customer data and transactions.

Data usage: The following are some examples of how  may use consumer information:

  • Deliver the goods to the customer’s specified address.
  • Update relevant details on deals, specials, or other news.
  • Process requests from customers for orders and issues that arise.
  • Use data gathered from cookies on websites to enhance user experience and service level.
  • Customers are in charge of maintaining the security of their account information and refraining from disclosing any details about their account or password on other websites.

Sharing of Data

  • Customer privacy and the right to have their personal information and payment information protected are important to MÙA. Except for companies immediately involved in delivery, payment processing, reimbursement, etc., MÙA will not disclose customer information to any other business.
  • Additionally, MÙA can disclose your personal information when it is absolutely required in the situations listed below:
  1. Legally necessary.
  2. Share with ad companies like Google for remarketing based on consumer behavior.
  3. Market analysis and research reports must never be shared with outside parties.

Use of cookies: The server log of MÙA may automatically record and retain a variety of information, including information about how users interact with and query the services of MÙA, handling problems, language, and browser issues as well as locating customer accounts in the browser.

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