The place we have everything you need for a great time: good food, good drinks and good mood!

Shibata Hidemichi

The Toji. A true master of his craft. With multiple awards under his belt, he brings his knowledge and experience to a new generation of brewers.

Hoang Hai Lam
(Brewery Supervisor)

A technical nerd. Background in engineering and after years of being in the craft beer space, Lam’s passion for quality assurance and his shift to craft sake has become a major asset to our team.

Troy Kelly
(Lead Brewer)

A rare breed. One of the few sake brewer’s from the US. Graduating in brewing, distillation and fermentation, Troy lives and breathes koji.

Tran Van Thuan aka Bo

The old soul. With experience in production for more than 10 years, Bo’s care and attention to detail ensures the brewery is operating at the highest level.

Vu Minh Hieu

The rookie. A recent graduate in food tech, Hieu’s mantra about maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit, brings tranquility to the brewery.

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